What Are Some Tips for Buying a Used Toyota Corolla?


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Always go for the latest Toyota Corolla you can afford, and make sure an expert mechanic performs a rigorous inspection before making the purchase, advises Autobytel. Toyota Corolla vehicles have a reputation for fuel efficiency and reliability; however, don’t base the buying decision on reputation alone.

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Toyota Corolla models have gone through improvements over the years, states Edmunds.com. As of November 2015, the latest models are the 10th generation Toyota Corolla. These are models the company has manufactured from 2009 to present, and they provide better performance as compared to their predecessors.

This generation also guarantees more hip and shoulder room for the driver and passengers. Additionally, the buyer gets improved stability control with these models, a feature that isn't available with previous models. Buying a newer used Toyota Corolla, therefore, provides a better driving experience than older models.

A buyer can’t perform the right pre-purchase inspection; it needs an expert mechanic, notes Edmunds.com. It is much better when the potential buyer uses a known mechanic. The mechanic should inspect the car and submit an inspection report that points out the positive and negative side of the car. Such an inspection builds confidence in the potential buyer. When it comes to test driving, the mechanic should choose a route that includes bumps, hills, slopes and potholes to identify problems with the suspension and the engine.

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