What are some tips for buying used pickup camper shells?


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Some tips buyers should keep in mind when buying a used pickup camper shell are knowing the make and model of the truck and the exact dimensions of the truck bed. Then a buyer should determine the quality of the parts he is buying.

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After the buyer has determined the basics, he can begin to look at what he specifically wants and need in a camper shell. If it is for casual, everyday use, looks may be one of the priorities. There are many types of shells to choose from including collapsible and hard-top varieties. The collapsible type has certain advantages such as increased rear visibility when driving, while the hard top may be better suited to protecting possessions stored in the back from the elements.

Additions such as locks and storage compartments make the camper more secure and versatile, but accessories may add to the cost. Knowing exactly what the buyer wants out of a camper shell makes the purchasing process easier to navigate.

Another part of the shopping experience is deciding where to buy a used camper shell. Many locations, including salvage yards, some dealerships, private sellers and online retailers sell used camper shells. All the options except the online retailer allow the buyer to see firsthand what he is buying.

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