What Are Some Tips for Buying a Used Generator for an RV?


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Before buying a used generator, consider the age, maintenance history and hours of usage. Buying a used generator can save a considerable amount of money versus buying new.

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Researching the manufacturer of a generator offers insight regarding the life expectancy and performance expectations of the machine. Perform a visual inspection of the generator before making a purchase. Look at the wiring and welding, and check for any corrosion or cracks. These can all affect the performance of the machine. When considering any generator, perform a load test to determine the efficiency of the machine when it is producing electricity. It is often recommended that the load test be performed multiple times to test the reliability of the machine.

If purchasing from a vendor, ask if the generator comes with any type of warranty, and also ask how it is being sold: "as is," or is there any maintenance to be performed prior to the sale.

Purchasing a used or even a refurbished generator can save money, but there are negatives to consider. Buying used may only come with a very short warranty period. A used generator that has been repaired may have parts from several different manufacturers, which could affect performance.

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