What Are Some Tips for Buying Used Fifth Wheels From the Owner?


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When buying used fifth wheels, check the condition of the frame, tires, wheels and axles, and look for structural problems on the floor, ceilings and side walls. Check and ensure that interior appliances and accessories such as refrigerators are working properly. Research comparable vehicles, recent sales and fair market values, and make an offer based on this research.

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Cracks, rust and broken welds on the frame indicate a weak getaway structure that may collapse in the future. Before buying fifth wheels, check for leaks or stains on the ceilings, soft spots on the floor, and the working condition of the front door. Ask the owner about the history, title and condition of the vehicle and his reason for selling. Request to test-drive the vehicle with the owner on board, and ask about noises or problems that arise.

Ensure that the mileage of the vehicle is between 10,000 and 35,000, since unused motorhomes may require expensive servicing. Check the plumbing for leaks and burst pipes. Obtain the Vehicle Identification Number, and order a history report to determine whether the vehicle has been rebuilt, stolen or damaged. If satisfied with the condition of the vehicle, offer to buy immediately, and pay in cash to get a bargain.

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