What Are Some Tips for Buying a Used Crown Victoria?


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Tips for buying a used Crown Victoria include purchasing retired police vehicles at auction to save on costs and making a thorough visual inspection of the vehicle before making a bid. Many government and law enforcement agencies sell used vehicles at auction. Another tip for buying a used Crown Victoria at auction is to ensure touch up paint, Bondo or polish are not masking hidden damage to the vehicle.

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Auctions can provide buyers with opportunities to purchase a mechanically sound Crown Victoria that may only suffer minor cosmetic damage. Always check the VIN number and obtain any maintenance records or information that may be available before bidding on a used Crown Victoria. Another tip is to inspect all dipsticks to ensure fluid levels are clear and clean before making a purchase.

Check the Kelly Blue Book value regarding the year and condition of a used Crown Victoria to avoid paying too much. Vehicles sold at auction do not typically come with a warranty, and there may be no guarantee as to the mechanical condition of the vehicle. Avoid getting carried away when bidding for a vehicle at a government auction, and pass on any used vehicles that may come at too high a price or involve additional risk.

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