What Are Some Tips for Buying Used Cars From Longo Toyota?

What Are Some Tips for Buying Used Cars From Longo Toyota?

When buying used cars from Longo Toyota, customers should browse the dealership's used car inventory online, research the value of any cars they wish to buy and ask the salespeople relevant questions. The dealership's online inventory has used car specials, as of 2015.

To view the inventory online, go to LongoToyota.com, place the cursor over Used, and click Pre-Owned Inventory from the drop-down menu that appears. The link for used car specials, titled Manager's Specials Used, is also available from the menu.

Car value information is available through many online resources, including Edmunds.com and CarsDirect.com. Customers should print out value reports for any cars they might want. Any of a car's flaws, such as high mileage, damage or faded paint, are useful for negotiating a lower price.

Asking questions keeps the customer in control of the conversation and the salesperson on the defensive. Customers also obtain more information about the car by asking questions, including information that is useful when negotiating.

The customer should base his offer on the value of the car, not the dealer's price. Dealers are usually able to lower the price and still make a profit. The customer must be prepared to leave at any time, as the salesperson may agree to the deal to save the sale.