What Are Some Tips for Buying a Race Car?


When purchasing a race car, the car itself needs to be inspected closely before money is exchanged. Make sure to ask when the engine was last rebuilt. Do not be scared to ask difficult questions and do not rush the purchase of a race car.

In regards to the engine, if someone other than the original owner performed the rebuild, make a visit to or call that person. This precaution is to find out all information that is pertinent to the engine. If someone other than the last owner rebuilt the engine last, ensure that you take an engine specialist with you to inspect the engine and ensure it is running smoothly.

Make a visit to the car while it is at the shop when the car owner is not around. This allows a longer time to discuss the key factors of the race car. Some tricky questions may have to be brought up. Make sure to ask how much the original owner paid for the race car. Be aware that if the original owner built the car, he might not know the exact answer. However, if the original owner bought the car used, then he should know the answer.