What Are Some Tips for Buying New Cars in the United Kingdom?


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Tips for buying new cars in the United Kingdom include setting a budget, choosing the right car, test driving the car, choosing a good payment option and handling paperwork diligently. Any issues with the new car should be brought up with the dealer as they arise.

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What Are Some Tips for Buying New Cars in the United Kingdom?
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It is important to set a budget before choosing which car to buy. Figure out whether to finance and factor in the cost of road tax, insurance and fuel when setting the budget. It may be possible to part-exchange an existing car with a dealer to reduce the cost of purchasing a new car.

Factors to consider when choosing the type of car to buy include how much space is needed, how many seats and extra features such as towing. It is equally important to factor in the budget, maintenance, servicing and vehicle excise duty when choosing a car.

Take the car over a wide range of roads during test-driving. Consider how refined and comfortable the car is, how easy the controls are to use and the speed of the vehicle. Where possible, carry cargo or the family to check if the car is big enough for the intended use.

Payment options include personal contract purchase, hire purchase, cash and personal loans. Consider the size of the repayments, cost of the car and the time frame of the payments when choosing a payment option.

Lastly, handle paperwork diligently by keeping a written record of all communications with the dealer. Keep a record of important documents such as car manual, logbook, service history booklet, invoices and forms.

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