What Are Some Tips for Buying Military-Issued Hummers?

What Are Some Tips for Buying Military-Issued Hummers?

A very important consideration for buying a military-issued Humvee is that the dealer is legitimate. Hummer is actually the civilian version of the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, or HMMWV.

The government places restrictions on who can own a military-issued Humvee, particularly because they weren't built for use on public roads. Likewise, Humvees lack the comfortable features that the civilian-issue Hummers have, so it's important to know that before buying one.

The best way consumers can ensure they're buying from legitimate sources is to bid at military Humvee auctions. However, consumers take risks when bidding on government surplus vehicles directly.

Dealers buy the Humvees as-is and then go over them to replace any broken or worn parts, upgrade the tires, tune the engine and run other routine maintenance. Therefore, consumers assume less financial risk if they buy from reputable dealers. It's the consumer's responsibility to ensure the sellers obtained the vehicles legally if not buying directly from government auctions.

Consumers interested in bidding online for military Humvees need to read the descriptions carefully. Likewise, they need to take note of where they must pick up the vehicles or how much it costs to transport them.

Once consumers have decided on vehicles to buy, it's important to be quick and strategic in their bids. Auctions for Humvees are rare, so there are many interested buyers.