What Are Some Tips for Buying King Ranch Trucks?

What Are Some Tips for Buying King Ranch Trucks?

When buying a King Ranch truck, some tips to keep in mind include examining the truck in broad daylight, checking the panels thoroughly for fit, rust and damage, and evaluating the engine performance on the road. When test driving a King Ranch truck, drive it at least 10 miles, turn it off for a few minutes, then start again to confirm the condition of the ignition system. Check the brakes as well.

Ford's King Ranch trucks are characterized by Mesa Brown Chaparral leather interior trimmings and a "W" symbol on the center arm rest. If a King Ranch for sale doesn't have these features, the interior is likely modified, which should bring the cost down.

Take a look at the underside of the pickup, and check for leaks or damage. Inspect the steering components, U-joints, frame, axles and springs. Surface rust on these areas is acceptable, but if it's possible to poke a hole through any part of the metal, that's an indication that the overall structure of the truck is weakened. In that case, move on to another truck.

If you are not sure what to look for, get a third-party mechanic involved. Although this may cost a few hundred dollars upfront, it can save you many thousands in the long run.

For added safety, obtain a free vehicle report for your vehicle from Carfax and or similar websites to help identify and avoid hidden problems.