What Are Some Tips for Buying an Inexpensive Used Lexus?


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When buying an inexpensive used Lexus, thoroughly research Lexus models, set a budget, search for certified pre-owned vehicles, and get a full history report of the vehicle before making a purchase. The most inexpensive Lexus models usually belong to the IS, ES and RX Series. For lower budgets, consider purchasing older Lexus models. Although luxury cars have high rates of depreciation, Lexus vehicles tend to retain value better than other luxury brands.

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Certified pre-owned vehicles undergo several tests to ensure all their parts work properly. Experts evaluate certified pre-owned vehicles to detect and fix maintenance and performance issues. History reports are also useful to determine the vehicle's accident and maintenance history. History reports show previous mechanical problems and replaced parts to warn buyers of potential issues.

Set up a vehicle inspection with an independent mechanic prior to purchasing. Mechanics often notice potential issues that tests fail to detect. Ideally, test-drive the vehicle to become familiar with how it drives before making a decision. Pay attention to the sounds of the engine, brakes and handling to find potential issues.

Negotiate the price of the vehicle, as used vehicles don't usually have a set price. If you aren't purchasing the vehicle in full, set up a payment plan, and sign all paperwork when closing the deal. Compare prices with listings on online car marketplaces such as Edmunds.com and KBB.com to find the best deal possible.

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