What Are Some Tips for Buying a Honda Civic SI?

When buying a used Honda Civic SI, be aware of common problems such as faulty brake rotors, leaking moon roofs and faulty gear assemblies. Compare the price with a trustworthy source to determine whether the deal is a good one; as of December 2015, Edmund's reports the average price paid for a 2015 Honda Civic SI is $21,642.

Be aware of mechanical problems common to the Honda Civic SI, and bring them up with the dealer when viewing or test driving a car. Typically, faulty brake rotors become an issue at medium mileages when an unpleasant vibration becomes noticeable when braking. If the car's owner discovers and resolves this problem early on, the brake rotors may only need to be machined, but if the owner waits too long, they may be worn too thin to be used, requiring replacement.

The moon roof drain of the Honda Civic SI is prone to blockage, leading to a condition in which water leaks through the roof onto the head of the driver or passenger when turning corners. Usually this is not a serious problem, as cleaning the drains can resolve it if no damage has been done. A more serious common issue is a faulty gear assembly that causes problems when shifting, typically from third gear. To resolve the issue, the transmission must be disassembled and the third gear assembly replaced, a costly procedure that any individual purchasing a used Civic wants to avoid.