What Are Some Tips for Buying a Classic Volkswagen Van?


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The most important tip to remember when buying a classic Volkswagen van is to buy the specific type that suits your needs. Though the Splitscreen Camper is the most popular of VW's classic models, there are several other models to choose from including the Bay Window, the Vanagon, the Notchback and Models 411 and 412. Each model comes with its own pros and cons, so it pays to do a fair amount of research on each before buying.

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Another important tip to remember when buying a classic Volkswagen van is to inspect it thoroughly before finalizing the purchase. When inspecting a vintage Volkswagen van for sale, make sure to bring a flashlight, rag, hand cleaner, and some pen and paper.

The flashlight is necessary to view the vehicle's details clearly, while the rag can be useful to get rid of dirt, grime and other buildup. The pen and paper is for writing down vehicle data including the vehicle identification number, engine number and more so you can check its records online. The hand cleaner is for cleaning your hands when you finish the inspection.

Don't forget to take the van out for a test drive, and take note of the van's acceleration, cornering, suspension, braking engine noise and blind spots. If possible, ask someone with in-depth knowledge about Volkswagen vans to take a look at the vehicle with you.

Volkswagen plans to rerelease the Camper, which can be more advantageous than a used car purchase. If a brand-new car is within budget, it may be worth waiting for the arrival of the new model.

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