What Are Some Tips for Buying Classic Jaguars?


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When buying a classic Jaguar, make sure the vehicle was manufactured before the year 1990 and that replacement parts are easy to find for the model in particular. Additionally, if buying a used car, have the previous owner disclose any damage it may have sustained during its lifetime, and find out about problems common to that particular model.

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In the year 1990, The Ford Motor Company purchased Jaguar, eventually selling to Tata Motors. Individuals interested in purchasing classic Jaguar vehicles almost certainly want a vehicle that was manufactured before this merger took place, making the year 1990 a cut-off date for most classic Jaguar purchasers.

Be sure to have easy access to the most commonly needed replacement parts. Each particular classic model presents its own unique challenges when it comes to finding supplies and parts, but certain production lines fare better than others. For instance, the XJ series has never been out of production since its inception in 1968, making an XJ-series Jaguar owner more likely to find the necessary replacement parts than the owner of an obsolete model like the E-Type.

Be aware of problems common to certain Jaguar models. For instance, owners of the Jaguar XJ8 report that plastic timing chain tensioners often fail, causing engine damage, and classic XJ6 vehicles are prone to fuel system problems.

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