What Are Some Tips for Buying Cars on the Houston Craigslist?

To buy cars on the Houston Craigslist, hone your search using the filters on the site, and call the seller to get more information about the car before scheduling a meet-up. Meet the seller at a mutually agreeable and safe location, and have the car inspected before purchase.

Configure your search on Craiglist by price, make and model, model year, condition and fuel type to find a car that fits your needs. Filtering car listings ensures a focused search and helps you make a rational purchase. Click on a listed car to view its details, and look out for hyped ads, which may indicate potential problems with the car, according to Car and Driver. Contact a seller to verify the information in the ad, and consider tying your offer to the condition of the car, suggests Edmunds.com.

Enlist an expert in the make of car you are considering to identify hidden issues and confirm the condition of the car during a pre-purchase inspection. Test-drive the car, and look out for clicks or clunks that may signal underlying safety issues. While negotiating the price of the car, ask for the seller’s bottom dollar, and make an offer that is roughly 20 percent lower to avoid souring a good deal with an absurdly low offer, suggests Car and Driver. To close the sale, consider involving a notary public in your local bank to witness your signatures and to stamp the bill of sale.