What Are Some Tips for Buying Cars at a AA Insurance Auction?


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When searching for a car to purchase at an AA Insurance auction, or other public car auctions, consumers should look at the interior and exterior of all cars, check the vehicle identification number, register for the event and attend in person to perform a thorough inspection of the car, notes Car & Driver magazine. Buying a car from an auction can give people good cars for a reduced price, but auction cars can also come with a host of (often hidden) problems. Before heading to the auction, people should read the auction listings to make sure all vehicle descriptions match the cars, all cars have a full ownership history and no cars seem out of place.

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After reviewing the auction material to determine the cars look worthy of purchasing, people should register as bidders prior to the event. This gives time to prove identity and show auctioneers proof of financial coverage.

At the auction, potential buyers get a list of cars on the lot. They can then look at interesting cars, providing a thorough physical inspection of each. This involves looking for dents, scratches and original paint. Cars should have quiet engines and not make strange noises when driving.

When it comes time to bid, people watch the actions of other bidders, notes Popular Mechanics magazine. Experienced bidders congregate toward the front, and wait some time before stating a number. People often evaluate car values ahead of time to know what prices are reasonable.

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