What Are Some Tips for Buying an Automatic Mini Cooper?

What Are Some Tips for Buying an Automatic Mini Cooper?

When planning to buy an automatic Mini Cooper, consider the differences between the two model generations and the five different types of trim available. Different trims offer various advantages but come with significantly different prices.

Mini produced the first generation Mini Cooper convertible between 2005 and 2008. It has a completely automatic roof, drop-down tailgate and two rear windows. Buyers interested in this particular generation can purchase variants that have six-speed automatic transmissions installed.

The second generation Mini Cooper has a similar-looking exterior to the first generation model, but it enjoys better fuel economy and offers buyers the choice of a diesel-powered engine. The six-speed automatic transmission option remains the same.

Various trims of the Mini Cooper convertible include the standard Mini Cooper Convertible, the Mini Cooper S Convertible, Mini Cooper D Convertible, Mini Cooper SD Convertible and the more expensive Mini John Cooper Works Convertible, which features nearly double the horsepower of the standard model. Of these trims, the Mini Cooper D and Mini Cooper SD use diesel fuel, but the Mini Cooper D has the lowest horsepower in the entire range. Calculate a budget that targets a specific type of trim for the best results.

To get the best deal when buying a used Mini Cooper, aim to purchase a vehicle less than two years old and with less than 10,000 miles on it.