What Are Some Tips for Buying an Acura NSX?


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Examining the body carefully, familiarizing yourself with easy places to spot crash damage and making sure all the lights work are some tips for buying an Acura NSX. Buyers should also check for brake and suspension alignment and inspect the car for bad paint jobs, states Super Street Network.

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Buyers should carefully examine the body of an Acura NSX in plenty of light to look for evidence of prior crashes. Two easy places to spot crash damage are in the trunk and under the hood. The NSX is made mostly of aluminum, not steel, and aluminum frames can almost never be brought back to the original state, reports Super Street Network.

Make sure all the lights work, including the low and high beams of the headlights, the turn signals, the emergency and brake lights and the side markers. The NSX is renowned for its suspension, and buyers should avoid buying a car with a suspension that clunks or rattles, as this would defeat the car's purpose. Inspect the car under two different light sources, outside in sunlight and under fluorescent lights in a garage or shop, to spot poorly sprayed paintwork. Make sure both interior and exterior door handles work, and carefully inspect typical problem areas such as the windshield molding that tends to shrink, explains Super Street Network.

Other tips include examining the panel fitment, the tow hook and the radiator under the hood of the Acura NSX. Buyers can also tell how well the car was cared for depending on whether or not the right battery is installed. Check for proper clutch engagement and leaking coolant, and also perform an oil check before buying an Acura NSX, suggests Super Street Network.

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