What Are Some Tips for Buying a 5th Wheel RV for Under $60,000?


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The best way to buy an RV at or below $60,000 is to find the value of various RVs and look for models that fall at or below the target price. Buyers with a bit of patience can often negotiate a significantly lower price over time.

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Kelley Blue Book and other companies don't price RVs due to the small size of the market, but NADA Guides dedicates a section to RVs and similar vehicles. These prices are guidelines, and real prices might vary between different areas. As a result, reading the classified sections in local newspapers and searching RV listings on Craigslist can help buyers find more accurate local prices.

Buyers looking to haggle an RV listed for sale at more than $60,000 can sometimes lower the price below the target through persistent negotiation. Buyers willing to walk away from a sale are more likely to find a great deal eventually, but they risk someone else buying the RV or the dealer not budging even after a lengthy period of negotiation.

It's also worth expanding the target search area, which is fairly simple to do online through Craigslist and eBay Motors, both of which allow users to set a search radius. The most persistent buyers are, the more likely they are to come across an RV priced lower than is typical or to find a dealer ready to cut a deal to clear lot space.

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