What Are Some Tips for Building an Ultralight Helicopter?

To build an ultralight helicopter, look for kits and plans. There are many options for finding kits and plans; to find a good plan, look for a money back guarantee, advises Introduction to Ultralight Aviation.

There are numerous plans available to purchase for between $20 and $100, according to Introduction to Ultralight Aviation. It is hard to choose which plan to buy as there is generally little information available about the quality of the plans. One tip for finding good plans is to check the Google PR or Alexa Ranking of the website where the plans are being sold. These rankings rate how popular a website is, which reflects on how popular the plans are. A high Google PR number or a low Alexa Ranking number is a good sign. Similarly, check in discussion forums to find out of the ultralight helicopter plans have been discussed by enthusiasts. There are few free plans available on the Internet.

Searching for kits is easier than finding plans. Going to a search engine and entering the desired make of helicopter, plus kit, will often return results.

A good place to start with building an ultralight helicopter is to read up about them, according to Tinker Source. The FAA Helicopter Flying Handbook is a recommended guide.