What Are Some Tips for Building Sand Rail Frames?


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To build the frame for a sand rail, also known as a dune buggy, buy a sand rail kit and prepare appropriate welding equipment, including a mig welder and clamps. Study the sand rail plans included in the kit, and arrange the frame parts based on installation order. When welding the components, begin at the front axle, carefully proceed down to both sides, and continue welding toward the back of the sand rail.

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After arranging the components, use a marker to identify the middle of the front axle, then hold the front axle and the sand rail kits connected to the axle in place by tack welding with a mig welder. Review the sand rail plans throughout the process of building a sand rail frame to avoid mistakes.

Connect appropriate parts across the sand rail frame's front area by tack welding, and continue doing so to both sides until you reach the back of the vehicle. Use the proper size of clamps to fasten the front axle and rear bumper frame to prevent deformation of the frame.

Weld all parts together, starting at the front axle and moving toward the vehicle's back. Building a sand rail frame requires welding expertise and special equipment, so have a professional welder create the frame using the sand rail kit if you do not have relevant experience.

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