What Are Some Tips to Build a Professional Scooter?


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To build a professional scooter, purchase all of the necessary parts according to the type of scooter you need, and assemble them carefully. Most scooter parts vary according to different standards, so planning ahead for different threading systems results in the best purchases. All custom scooters need a deck, fork, headset, bar and set grips. Purchase a clamp for an oversized bar, grip tape for the handles and bearings to fit the wheels.

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When assembling the scooter, choose parts that match in terms of dimension and brand, and plan ahead for central weight. While lightweight parts are easier to install and handle, they may break more easily than heavier parts.

After building, wait at least three hours before using the scooter so that components adhere to each other for maximum stability. Avoid moist areas, sand and water when first trying out the scooter, as riding through these areas may damage the construction.

Before running or maintaining the scooter, be sure to tighten all of the nuts and bolts as necessary, as loose sections may cause damage to the scooter and injury to your body. If you spot any defective parts, or sections that are not performing as they should, replace them as soon as possible.

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