What Are Some Tips for a Brake Caliper Repair?

Tips for brake caliper repair include using a floor jack and stands to lift and support the vehicle properly, working in a clean area, cleaning the caliper with brake cleaner and lubricating new seals with fresh brake fluid before installing them. If you find it difficult to reinstall the calipers, compress the pistons to increase clearance.

Removing the brake calipers requires working under the vehicle with the wheels removed. Use a floor jack for safer lifting of the vehicle, lift the front before the rear, and place a jack stand under each axle. Each stand should do its share in supporting the weight of the vehicle.

Once you remove the wheels, loosen the caliper bolts. Remove the brake line from the caliper, and move it to a clean workbench for the rebuild. Wear latex or other protective gloves when doing the work.

Use brake cleaner to dissolve any difficult deposits from the interior surfaces. Remove the rubber covers and pistons from the caliper. Clean the piston, but discard the rubber dust covers, and use the new ones the kit includes.

Open a fresh can of brake fluid, and use it for lubricating o-rings and seals. Keep the fluid covered as it absorbs water from the air. Once the rebuild is complete, reinstall the calipers, top off the brake fluid in the reservoir, and bleed the brakes. Keep an eye on the brake fluid level when bleeding the brakes to prevent the reintroduction of air into the hydraulic lines.