What Are Some Tips for Bidding at the SGI Salvage Auction?


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Bidders at the SGI salvage auction must bid online only; prior to the event, they must register a valid email address with the auction, ensure accuracy of sales and personal information provided and understand the auction's terms and conditions. Before the SGI salvage auction, bidders can prepare for the event by examining cars of interest beforehand, preferably making a physical inspection prior to bidding, say officials at the SGI auction. This also saves time on bidding day.

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Since the SGI inventory contains vehicles with salvage titles, bidders should check with laws and regulations in their jurisdictions concerning registering, licensing and inspecting salvaged cars, say officials at the SGI auction.

On bid day, people should arrive early to leave plenty of time for visual inspections. This entails examining the interior and exterior for paint overspray, worn brake discs and rusting components. People should avoid cars with a musty or wet smell, which indicates water exposure. They should also check the car's Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN, in all locations in the car to ensure they match.

Before the auction, bidders should also research the average price for the cars they hope to buy. This gives a general idea of appropriate car values. At bidding time, people should watch the actions of other bidders before making a move to ensure others are not inflating prices.

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