What Are Some Tips for Automobile Glass Replacement?


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Tips for automobile glass replacement include gathering necessary tools and materials first, unplugging the battery, cleaning off broken window if the glass is shattered, disassembling the car door panel before replacing the window, and inserting the shorter side of the replacement window at a right angle first until the longer side fits in the track. Read the vehicle's manual, or visit the manufacturer's website before starting the replacement.

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To replace automobile glass, first gather the necessary parts and supplies, including a trim stick, screwdrivers, shop vacuum and a socket set, and wear appropriate protective gear. Disconnect the battery, and, if necessary, vacuum the interior of the car, taking care not to cut yourself with shattered glass.

Unfasten the car door panel with a screwdriver, and gently remove it. Remove the weather barrier sheet and other items from the inside panel. Vacuum the door panel thoroughly to remove broken glass. Pull out the weather stripping, taking care not to damage it. Loosen the bolt that secures the window track in place.

Install the replacement window in the track at a right angle, starting with the shorter side. Have a friend help you place the glass panel into the door regulator, and use bolts to secure the window in the regulator. Secure the track in place with the pre-loosened bolt, and raise the window up and down to test the installation. Reconnect the battery, turn on the ignition, and test the replacement if you are repairing a power window. If the window is working properly, disconnect the battery, replace the weather stripping, fix the weather barrier sheet back in place, reinstall the trim panel, and plug in the battery.

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