What are some tips for automobile glass cleaning?


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One of the first considerations to make when cleaning automobile glass is the type of auto glass cleaner used; avoid using cleaning solutions that contain ammonia, alcohol or other toxic substances. A high-quality microfiber towel offers better performance due to its increased ability to hold and retain water.

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When cleaning the interior of a car, make sure to clean the windows and rear-view mirror last. This prevents stray spray from getting onto freshly cleaned glass. Another way to make the job easier is by spraying the auto glass cleaning solution directly on the microfiber cleaning towel rather than on the glass itself.

Another tip to successfully and efficiently clean automobile glass is to use a straight back-and-forth motion followed by an up-and-down motion instead of a circular waxing motion. To get the best results, use two different towels or separate sides of the same towel for wet and dry wiping. When cleaning automobile glass, avoid doing so in direct sunlight or in very hot conditions, since the chemical cleaning solution is more likely to evaporate in these conditions.

Vinegar can be useful when dealing with windshield wipers that leave blurry streaks on automobile glass. Wipe down the wipers with vinegar, and observe them to see if they continue to leave streaks. If the vinegar does not help, consider replacing the wipers.

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