What Are Some Tips for Airbag Clock Spring Repair?


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When performing an airbag clock spring repair, be very careful not to trigger a short circuit while working with the device, as this deploys the airbag. Make sure to center the clock spring correctly, ensuring that the wheels of the vehicle are facing straight forward whenever working with this device.

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To center a clock spring, first rotate the center in one direction until the spring responds with resistance. Do not force the spring further than this point. After this, count the turns made while rotating the center in the opposite direction until meeting resistance, and divide the number of turns in half. Leave the spring in the center position by turning it that number of turns away from one of its extremes. If the clock spring turns more than 10 or 12 times without encountering resistance, it is probably faulty and requires replacement.

Take time to learn about the clock spring mechanism specific to the brand of car it is a part of. For instance, Chrysler recalled about 500,000 minivans and extended a warranty on 1.3 million more due to an improperly installed clock spring. Be aware that adjusting the clock spring of a vehicle typically voids any valid warranty and that unintentional airbag deployment may cause injury.

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