How Do You Tint Tail Lights?

How Do You Tint Tail Lights?

To tint the taillights on your vehicle, clean the taillights, spray them with alcohol, place vinyl over the taillights, blow heated air over the vinyl, smooth the vinyl toward the edges of the taillights and cut the overlapping edges of vinyl with a knife. The process takes less than one hour and requires cleaning supplies, a spray bottle with alcohol, vinyl, a heat gun and a knife.

  1. Clean the taillights

    Thoroughly clean and dry the taillights. During this process, use a cleaning cloth made of a material that does not leave behind lint, such as microfiber. Dry the taillights completely.

  2. Spray with alcohol

    Create a solution made of 85 percent water and 15 percent rubbing alcohol. Place this solution in a spray bottle, and spray the alcohol on the surface of one taillight.

  3. Position the vinyl

    Place the vinyl on top of the taillight that's sprayed with alcohol, and quickly maneuver the vinyl to make sure it's in the desired position before the alcohol solution begins to dry.

  4. Apply heat

    Use a heat gun to blow hot air over the vinyl until the alcohol solution is completely dry and the vinyl is stuck to the taillight. Use your hands or a small spatula to smooth the vinyl over the taillight as it dries.

  5. Cut overlapping edges

    Use a sharp knife to cut the overlapping vinyl, making sure not to slice the vinyl that's stuck to the taillights surface.

  6. Repeat with the other taillight

    Follow the same process to tint the taillight on the opposite side of the vehicle.