When Is It Time to Change a Jeep's Transmission Fluid?


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A Jeep owner must open the vehicle's hood, prop it with the support bar and pull out the transmission fluid dipstick to check the fluid levels. On most Jeep models, the dipstick has a yellow handle and is located on the passenger side near the back of the hood opening.

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For the most accurate transmission fluid level, the engine should be warm enough to heat the fluid to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Owners can check the fluid after driving the car or letting it idle until the engine is warm. If letting the engine warm while idling, owners should shift through all the gears while sitting still.

After the engine is warm, Jeep owners should remove the dipstick and wipe it on a dry, lint-free towel, then reinsert it completely. Owners can check the level after pulling the dipstick out a second time. There are two markings on the dipstick, and ideally, the transmission fluid level should fall between the "Cold" and "Hot" marks. If the fluid is too low, owners should add enough to bring it nearly up to the "Hot" mark without going over.

While checking the fluid level, owners should note the look of the transmission fluid. It normally looks slightly pink with no sediment. If it appears dark or has debris, it's time to get the fluid flushed and replaced.

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