What Does a Tilt Steering Column Repair Entail?

What Does a Tilt Steering Column Repair Entail?

The steering column consists of various components that include a key lock cylinder, a multifunction switch, an ignition switch and the cruise control switches. Repairing the steering column includes the replacement of any one or multiple components.

The tools required for the repair include a Torx screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver and a wrench. The first step is to disconnect the battery and loosen the cable clamp nut with a wrench. Remove the clamp. Remove the positive cable, and wait until the airbags deflate.

Unfasten the trim caps on the steering wheel, pull off the airbags from the wheel, and disconnect the electrical connector. Tilt the steering column as low as possible, and remove the lever. Unscrew the screws that hold the trim covers, and separate the covers. Pull out the ignition cylinder, and insert the new cylinder.

Unfasten the screws from the ignition switch when the key is in the run position, and detach the switch from the actuator pin. Insert the new switch, and screw in the bolts. Disconnect all the electrical connections to the multifunction switch, and unscrew to detach the switch from the steering column using a screwdriver. Position the new switch, and do the appropriate connections.

Similarly disconnect the wiring and remove the screws to detach the cruise control switches, and connect the new switches. Replace the trim covers if required. Reattach the tilt lever, and if damaged, replace it. Raise the column to position, install the airbags, and connect the battery cable.