What Are Some Things to Troubleshoot When Repairing a Car CD Player?


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When repairing a car CD player, check electric connections, the CD drawer mechanism and the lens for flaws. Common problems include CD read error, low volume, music skip or stop, and poor sound quality.

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Make sure the media of the CD is supported by checking the specifications of the player. Car CD players often cannot play homemade CDs. Check the electronic connections on the back, and make sure they are firm and correct. Make sure the drawer-loading belt is tight, elastic and well attached. Check for broken or loose gears, and replace them. Examine the player’s drawer mechanism for hair or foreign objects that prevent smooth operation of moving parts.

As the player operates, examine the movement of the lens for lags. Also check it for scratches or dust. It is recommended to clean it with a cotton swab dipped in ethanol. Contamination of the lens significantly reduces the quality of data read off CDs. Check to see if the fuse is blown, and replace it with a duplicate if appropriate. Test a few newer CDs to check for consistency errors. Refer to the car stereo owner’s manual for more information. If the car CD player still does not function, have a qualified technician check its function.

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