What Things Should You Look for in a 1998 Ford F-150 for Sale?


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When looking to purchase a used 1998 Ford F-150 one should consider factors such as the truck's condition and performance, along with year-specific cab options. One should also look for models with a sticker indicating the F-series' 50th anniversary, which was celebrated in 1998 and increases the truck's collector value.

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When one purchases a used truck online or in person the first thing she should take into consideration is the asking price of the truck as it relates to its condition. While there are general guidelines for the price of a 1998 Ford F-150 based on options such as a Regular Cab or a Super Cab, along with the transmission and engine styles, the state of the car and its mileage are just as, if not more, important. Trucks with extensive exterior damage, noted mechanical malfunctions or an excessive number of miles on the odometer should be a lower price.

Also, 1998 marked the second year that the F-150 featured a new rounded body design, which made it considerably different from older models. As such, a buyer should consider her personal style preferences before committing to any purchase. Many features of the 1998 F-150 are present in the fourth generation of trucks as well.

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