What Things Should Be Considered When Buying a Cheap Dump Truck?


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The factors that should be considered when buying a cheap dump truck include maneuverability, hauling needs and engine type. Buyers are advised to buy dump trucks from dealers who are familiar with their specific needs.

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What Things Should Be Considered When Buying a Cheap Dump Truck?
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Dump trucks typically come in axle-forward and axle-back models. The location of the axle affects maneuverability and is an important factor to consider when choosing a dump truck. Axle-back designs have a shorter wheelbase, giving them a tighter turning radius. This makes them better for maneuvering in tight spaces.

Dump trucks with fewer axles carry lighter loads because of the federal law governing the allowable gross weight for trucks on the road. The law determines the legal load based on the spacing and number of axles. It is therefore important for buyers to consider their hauling needs when choosing the design and size of the dump truck.

Lastly, buyers should consider the size and type of engine when choosing a dump truck. More horsepower does not necessarily mean better, because it could be a waste of money if not fully utilized. Dump trucks that are primarily used on roads and flat job sites do not usually need a lot of horsepower. Powerful engines also require more expensive and stronger drivetrain and engine components because they generate a high amount of torque.

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