What Are Some Things to Look When Deciding to Buy a Used Classic Car?


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A buyer interested in purchasing a classic car should determine if the vehicle that he intends to purchase contains all of its original parts in addition to performing a thorough inspection for damage or mechanical issues. Determining if all the original equipment is present is particularly important for buyers interested in the investment value of a classic car, since the value of many classic cars falls substantially if replacement parts are incorporated in the vehicle.

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Some classic car buyers are interested in owning a particular classic vehicle for their own enjoyment rather than in the monetary value of a collectible classic car. Buyers of this kind may be less concerned about whether a car contains all of its original parts, but buyers who insist on driving the car as it was originally built may not be satisfied if a critical component such as the engine has been heavily rebuilt or replaced. Shopping for a car with some replaced parts may actually be advantageous for shoppers less interested in the vehicle's value since it is often possible to buy cars with replacement parts for less than original vehicles.

High-mileage vehicles are often less appealing to investment-oriented buyers but can offer a savings opportunity for enjoyment-driven shoppers. Buyers of any kind should generally avoid vehicles with significant amounts of rust or severe accident damage.

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