What Are Things to Look for When Buying a Used Car?

Things to look for when buying a used car are the car mileage, the exterior body condition, the condition of the engine, glasses and windows, head light, tail lights and suspension. Condition of the tires, controls and other dashboard instruments, pedals and the interior, are also important factors.

Other things to look at are the vehicle’s trunk, roof and entertainment system. When the car is on level ground, prospective buyers should walk around it to see if anything hangs from under it. They can press their weight on each of the corners of the car to see how it bounces. This can tell the condition of the shock absorbers. If there are loud squeaking sounds, the car is not a worthy buy.

If the windshield or rear glass has cracks, the general cost of repair rises. Similarly, the body should not have scratches, rust or dents. More importantly, buyers should start the engine and listen for any funny sounds. Inspecting the engine bay while the engine is running is another important check.

As most buyers are not specialists in the vehicle mechanical field, it is prudent to take the car to an independent mechanic or ask him to accompany you for a window-shopping. The fact that a car is second hand is not a justification for it to be weathered and ill maintained.