What Are Some Things You Can Bid on at PropertyRoom's Auction Site?

PropertyRoom.com auctions many Items, including watches, computers, coins, jewelry, musical instruments, cameras, vehicles and cell phones. PropertyRoom.com sells many items previously seized by law enforcement agencies, as well as abandoned, unclaimed and surplus property acquired from government agencies. PropertyRoom.com does not auction guns acquired from law enforcement agencies; it partners with BudsGunsShop.com, which sells firearms on eGunner.com.

As of October 2015, items on auction at the website include 15 items under the Heavy Equipment and Trailers section, 136 items in the Cars, Trucks and Vans section, and 541 items in the Coins and Bullion section. In the Art section, 286 items are on auction, most or them prints and paintings. At times, planes and boats are auctioned on the site. Thousands of items are on auction in the Jewelry section, including rings, bracelets, necklaces and loose stones. Some bulk lots are auctioned in categories such as Jewelry, Watches and Electronics.

Types of auctions include traditional auctions, where the highest bidder wins; reserve price auctions, where the highest bid above a reserve price wins; and "Mega Auctions," where bidders specify a bid and quantity and winners pay their bid on the quantity won. Some items are sold in a "buy now" format rather than an auction format.