How Do You Get a Texas Driver's Licence?

How Do You Get a Texas Driver's Licence?

In order to get a Texas driver's license, applicants need to go the nearest Texas Department of Public Safety office and complete the application process. Applicants need the correct documentation to prove identity and residency. If under age 25, the applicant must also take a driver's education course.

  1. Fill out the application

    Before getting a Texas driver's license an application needs to be filled out. This application can either be downloaded from the Texas Department of Public Safety website ahead of time or picked up at the nearest agency office.

  2. Gather needed documents

    The applicant must provide documents to verify identity, Social Security number, U.S. citizenship or lawful presence status and Texas residency. A vehicle registration or a statement affirming the applicant does not own a vehicle are also required.

  3. Apply in person

    The applicant should take the application and the other documentation to the neared Texas Department of Public Safety driver license office in person. Along with the documentation, fees are also required.

  4. Pass the testing required

    Applicants may be required to pass knowledge and driving tests, though some Texas residents have been deemed exempt. Applicants can find out if they are exempt or not by discussing their particular situations with the Department of Motor Vehicles.