How Do You Test the Pressure of a Fuel Pump?

Check the pressure of a vehicle's fuel pump by hooking a pressure gauge to the fitting of the fuel pump, having an assistant rev the engine and checking whether the pressure matches the vehicle's specifications. Eliminate the filter as the source of the problem before conducting this test.

A clogged filter can hinder acceleration, so check the filter for resistance and debris before moving on to the fuel pump. Purchase a fuel pressure gauge from an auto parts store or borrow one from an auto shop, and hook the gauge to the fitting. The fuel pump is normally located near the fuel injectors or the carburetor. Locate the small joint at the connection between the pump and the filter housing to find the fitting. Exact steps may vary, so consult the vehicle's user manual and the gauge's instructions.

After letting the engine warm up, check the pump's pressure while idling and at the rated speed. An assistant needs to sit in the driver's seat to rev the engine while the user checks the pressure. If the rated speed is unknown, check how the pressure reacts when the assistant revs the engine. If the needle does not move, replace the fuel pump as this indicates a serious problem.