How Do You Tell Which Motorcycle Is Best for You?


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There are many factors to consider when deciding which motorcycle is the best match. When choosing a motorcycle, a rider should consider the motorcycle's style, comfort and functionality, as well as her own riding ability.

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How Do You Tell Which Motorcycle Is Best for You?
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There are various styles of motorcycles manufactured for different types of riding. One main consideration in purchasing a motorcycle is the predominant type of riding for which the bike will be used. Off-road riding requires a specialized dirt bike, while on-road riding allows for a large variety of bike styles and genres. If the motorcycle will be used for long highway rides, a cruiser-style bike is a smart option. For city riding, a sport-style bike is better suited for quick and easy maneuvering.

Another limiting factor in choosing a motorcycle is individual riding ability. Less experienced riders should choose bikes with smaller engines and easily accessible, intuitive controls. Specialized high-performance bikes are better suited for more experienced riders.

Riders of all abilities should take into account the size and comfort of the bike. For maximum safety, a rider should not have to strain to reach the handlebars or to put her feet flat on the ground while seated on the bike. Before purchasing any motorcycle, whether new or used, a rider should take it on a thorough test ride to examine the controls, steering, suspension, lights and signals.

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