How Do You Find a Tecumseh Engine Schematic?


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Find engine schematics for various models of Tecumseh engines through sites such as TechusehPower.com, BarrettSmallEngine.com, SearsPartsDirect.com and Wikco.com, as of 2015. Schematics on such sites often include sections that explain the different components of the motor, though most are typically not to scale with the proper proportions.

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The official website for Tecumseh engines and motors, TecumsehPower.com, contains a wealth of information regarding its various lines of products. One section contains scanned PDFs of the owners manuals for the engines, many of which contain limited diagrams for specific sections of the engine. Schematics may also appear in the documents within the Service Engines and Accessories section, which focuses on information to allow owners and repair technicians to complete various service actions on the engines. The Quick Reference Parts area of the site also contains engine schematics, with sections for each of the motors from the company.

SearsPartsDirect.com offers several different engine schematics for different models of Tecumseh engines, each of which exists on a separate page dedicated to that engine. These pages also include links to purchase the various components explained within the schematic from the Sears website. BarretSmallParts.com includes manuals and schematics for several Tecumseh motors along with information about the parts within each model, but does not sell the parts directly. Similarly, Wikco.com only includes the schematics and descriptions but does not sell the components.

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