What Tasks Can a Motorcycle Locksmith Accomplish?


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Motorcycle locksmiths can accomplish tasks such as replacing keys or making duplicates. They specialize in tubular keys for motorcycles, according to GuardianAngelLocksmith.com.

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Motorcycle locksmiths can make keys by impression if they have been lost, whether for a motorcycle, cycle or scooter. They can also remove security locks that are missing a key and need to be taken off by force. If a key breaks while turning in a lock, motorcycle locksmiths can extract the broken part from inside the locking mechanism. Motorcycle locksmiths also make custom motorcycle keys.

A motorcycle locksmith can provide a variety of locks for motorcycles, such as fork, U-lock or disc brake locks. A fork lock is a brightly tagged lock for the forks of a motorcycle. A U-lock is a U-shaped stainless steel lock that clamps to the wheel of a motorcycle, stopping the wheels from rotating. A disc brake lock also stops wheels from rotating, but is a cylindrical lock that clamps inside the wheel.

Motorcycle locksmiths can also perform services on bike locks, such as lock rekeying, according to Oneway-Services.com. They repair heavy-duty locks to protect bikes against theft or provide lock replacement. These services are suited to most makes and models of motorcycles.

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