What Are Some Symptoms of Worn Wheel Bearings?

Some of the symptoms of worn wheel bearings include grinding whenever the vehicle is in motion, clicking, rumbling and wheel vibration. These symptoms can vary in severity and are sometimes difficult to discern. It's best to have the automobile inspected by an ASE-certified mechanic if one suspects that the wheel bearings are wearing down.

Noise is one of the classic signs that something might be wrong with the wheel bearings. A grinding noise is most often an indication of a decrease in integrity and often occurs when there is a shift in the load or when the car is turning. If the rumbling noise is related to the wheel bearings, it usually worsens whenever the steering wheel is turned to the right or left.

Clicking noises are often connected to excessive bearing endplay and inadequate clamping. The clicking noise is most often heard during sharp turns and cornering. Clicking can also be an indication of an outer CV-joint in need of repair. Steering wheel vibrations usually mean that there is a loss of bearing with severe mechanical damage. There's also a chance that the lug nuts have not been torqued properly.

Even if the wheel bearings are fine when these symptoms are present, there's still a chance that there is some other type of wheel-end damage.