What Are Some Symptoms of Problems With a Dodge Transmission Solenoid?


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Erratic shifting, delayed shifting, being stuck in neutral, being stuck in second gear and an illuminated check engine light are symptoms of problems with a Dodge transmission solenoid. These symptoms can be verified by testing the transmission solenoid with a multimeter or by connecting a diagnostic scanner to the Dodge vehicle's onboard diagnostic computer. The check engine light code for a faulty transmission sensor on a Dodge vehicle is 0755 for all models manufactured after the mid-1990s.

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Properly working transmission solenoids should open and allow the valve body to fill with transmission fluid to create pressure and generate a shift change. If it is stuck open or closed or working intermittently, it can cause the transmission to skip a gear during shifting or jump back and forth between gears erratically.

If the solenoid is sluggish in opening, it can take longer to generate pressure, creating a delay where the vehicle sits in neutral until there is enough pressure generated to engage the clutch. If the solenoid is not functioning at all, the transmission may not engage in any gear.

If the vehicle's computer system detects a problem with the transmission sensor, it illuminates the check engine light. If it diagnoses the problem as severe, it shifts the vehicle into limp mode. This allows the vehicle to be driven to a service center for repairs but prevents further damage to the transmission.

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