What Are the Symptoms of a Blown Intake Gasket?

The main symptoms of a blown intake gasket include but are not limited to an overheating engine, white, milky oil and white smoke from the exhaust pipe. The coolant leaking from below the exhaust flag can also be a red flag, and bubbles may form in the radiator or cooler overflow tank.

Most of these symptoms are internal and may take time to notice. The only externally visible sign is that of the coolant leaking from the gasket. Coolant leaks are also the most annoying symptom because they only occur once the gasket has cracked. Puddles may form under the car as a result when the car is at rest.

Overheating can occur once the intake manifold gasket has failed, allowing the coolant to leak out and leaving the engine with no means of cooling down. If a car frequently overheats after running even for short distances, the intake manifold may be the problem.

When the intake gasket develops problems, it affects the manner in which the motor hands emission gases. Changes in pressure can affect the vacuum intake and the smoothness with which the car runs. When this happens, the car will idle roughly, hesitate, cough and at times sputter.