How Do You Swap Used Cars?


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Swap or trade your used car for a newer model at a participating dealer through a process in which the dealer offers a payment for the used car that is used against the price of the newer model. If you lease a car, you can swap out of the lease by selling it for a price. If you are a dealer, you can swap a used car on your lot with a car owned by another dealer.

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A trade for a used car with a dealership may be beneficial because it lowers the monthly payments of a newer vehicle because of the trade-in price, you get more efficient gas mileage with a newer model, and new vehicles have more advanced technology and safety features. The dealer calculates the trade-in value according to the make and condition of the used car and an inspection.

Accomplish lease trading through websites or companies that specialize in these matters. Post an ad to swap the lease with someone who is looking to take over a lease, negotiate the payment for taking over the lease with the buyer, which is correlative to payments already made on the lease, and complete the transfer. As a dealer, you can join a network with other dealers to quickly swap used cars to satisfy a customer who is already in your dealership.

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