How Do You Get a Suspended Drivers License Reinstated?

How Do You Get a Suspended Drivers License Reinstated?

To get a suspended driver's license reinstated, fill out the appropriate forms, and pay the required fee. Complete this process through your state DMV.

  1. Find out what is required

    The requirements to get a license reinstated may vary depending on why it was suspended. For example, if the suspension was the result of a DUI, it may be necessary to outfit your vehicle with an ignition interlock device. Keep records of any special steps you take so that you can furnish proof to the DMV.

  2. Complete the required courses

    Most states require the completion of traffic school or an alcohol and substance abuse course before a license can be reinstated. Complete these courses, and save your diploma or certificate of completion to present to the DMV.

  3. Get current car insurance

    You need to provide proof that your car is insured before reinstating your license. Get in touch with your insurance company to make sure you are still paying the right amount for your premiums. If your license was suspended following an accident, they may have increased.

  4. Fill out the appropriate forms and pay the license reinstatement fee

    The cost of reinstating your license varies from state to state. Check with the DMV to find out what you owe.