What Are Some Supplies Needed for a Car Wash?


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Car wash soap, a bucket, water, drying rags and a wash mitt are needed for a car wash. A shade for keeping the car wet to prevent stains from drying while washing is also handy.

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A suitable car wash soap does not deplete the wax coating of the car and should also be suitable for use on the car's rubbers. While Mothers Carnauba Wash & Wax is suitable, dishwashing soap is not. The drying rags should be soft and able to absorb water. The softness prevents scratches to the paint. Microfiber towels and waffle-weave towels are suitable drying rags.

The wash mitt should be able to scrub dirt off the car without scratching the paint or spreading the dirt over the car. A mitt made of microfiber does this well. Towels, however, are not suitable because they don't hold dirt.

Washing a car involves wetting any stains and dirt with the soap, rinsing the car, applying a solution of the soap and water to the car, scrubbing the stains and dirt from the car using the wash mitt, and rinsing the soap residue off the car with clean water. Drying the car completely with the drying rags completes the process.

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