What Suppliers Sell OEM Hardtops for Mazda Miata Convertibles?

GoMiata.com, Hemmings.com and SmoothLine.com are some of the suppliers that sell OEM hardtops for Mazda Miata convertibles as of 2016. These online stores specialize in the sale and installation of various auto replacement parts for a wide selection of vehicles from different manufacturers.

GoMiata.com presents a list of Mazda Miata parts that are grouped according to the year of manufacture. The site features different products, including a Mazda Miata Fiberglass Racing Hardtop 1999-2005 that is available in stock at $849 as of 2016. The item is described as light in weight, with a non-glass shatter proof window, perfect fit with custom rear brackets. Buyers may also like the Mazda Miata OEM style Carbon fiber Hard Top 1990-2005 and Mazda Miata Hard Top Spoiler 1990-2005 that have equally been featured as most popular products.

Hemmings.com features the OEM Mazda Miata Hard Top for 1989-2005, under the body and exterior category. The listing describes the product’s condition, location, compatibility and material. The product is a perfect fit for the Mazda Miata convertible, T-Top and Sunroof manufactured between 1989 and 2005 Mazda Miata.

Popular OEM Hardtops for Mazda Miata convertibles available on Smooth Line include the removable Miata hardtop that was introduced in 2000. Buyers can view available removable hardtop photos for both the small window Miata and big window Miata. They can also have their hardtops customized or upgraded to fit specifications in terms of precision, color, strength and material grade.