What Are Some Suppliers That Sell Fuel-Injection Conversion Kits?


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Jegs.com, Advance Auto Parts, O'Reilly Auto Parts, AutoZone and Summit Racing Equipment are some suppliers that sell fuel injection conversion kits. Most of the suppliers have a variety of fuel injection kits as well as kit accessories such as gauges, spare parts, displays and computer controllers.

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Advance Auto Parts, O'Reilly Auto Parts and AutoZone have several different kit options that manufactured by Edelbrock. Some Edelbrock electronic fuel injection kits include the E-Street EFI System, which fits any car engine equipped with a square-bore intake manifold. The kit is easy to install and self-tuning with easy to use software provided on the kit's 7-inch touch-screen tablet. Other Edelbrock EFI kits include the Pro-Flo 2, Pro-Flo XT and the Pro-Flo Sportsman.

Jegs.com has the Edelbrock kits, as well as those from Fuel and Spark Technology. The EZ-EFI kits are self-tuning and come in base kit and master kit packages.

Summit Racing Equipment also handles the Edelbrock line as well as the wide selection of EFI kits from Holley, including the Terminator, Dominator, HP, Avenger and Sniper series. Some of the Holley kits have laptop computer interfaces for fine-tuning while others only require the entry of basic information. Kit designs range from high-performance racing models to basic vehicle efficiency improvements for off-roading, cold starting, vapor lock and flooding issues.

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