What Are Suitable Fuel Additives for a Cummins Diesel Engine?


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Fuel additives suitable for a Cummins diesel engine include Asphaltene Conditioner, Microbicide, Turbo Diesel and Winter Conditioner produced by Cummins Filtration. These additives improve gas mileage, reduce exhaust emissions, increase combustion and increase power. Drivers may also be able to go longer between service intervals.

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Standalyne Winter 1000 is another suitable additive for Cummins diesel engines. Drivers add 4 ounces of the additive to every 30 gallons of fuel to help the engine start and maintain normal operation in cold weather.

Standalyne Performance additive is an all-purpose, all-season additive and is suitable for Cummins diesel engines. This additive provides cold and hot weather protection, reduces particulate emissions and removes water from fuel. It also cleans and protects the engine with detergents and deposit modifiers.

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